Friday, 16 April 2010

Opening Title of 'Judgement'

This is the opening title of the film Judgement. As you can see.

Script for the Radio Broadcast in 'Judgement'

(Charlotte) Radio Interviewer: The body of *dead girl's name* was discovered this morning at 6am by local dog walker Mildred Butterworth. It has been 24 hours since she was reported missing, Nottinghamshire Police are yet to name any suspects. Here is Mildred with her shocking account...
(Toni) Mildred Butterworth: I was taking little Rosie out on her morning stroll when I turned a corner, I saw her lying there, I thought she was just some drunk asleep in the woods, then, I realised, she was dead."

Media Theory in 'Judgement'

Barthe's Enigma Code
This is the theory that suggests a text portrays a mystery to draw the audience in. We included this theory within our film opening by not revealing the identity of the murderer in the story, hence the audience will become intrigued as to who was behind the crime and continue to watch with interest until the problem has been solved.

Todorov's Theory
This is the theory that a text begins with a period of equilibrium until an event takes place to disrupt and cause disequilibrium. This is then followed by the protagonists' journey to a renewed state of peace, bringing the chaos to an end.
The story of Judgement however doesn't particularly follow this structure exactly. It does not start off in a state of calm, as when we see the girl running in the opening shot she is clearly distressed, so the first stage of the narrative theory is missed out.
Throughout the rest of the film however we witness her struggle to try to bring back the sense of balance, which she almost achieves. This is when she is investigating the murders to try to solve the mystery.
However in the end equilibrium is not renewed because there is an ending twist, where she discovers that she is actually the killer without even having realising it. Causing the film to end in on a sad note, even though the matter has been resolved.

Aristotle's Unities
This is the theory that narratives should be created with a unity of time, place and action. So the story should take place at the same location, in chronological order and with all actions moving towards are logical and moral conclusion.
The opening of Judgement however does not follow this theory as parallel editing is used to show the present time alongside the past and later on when the woman is being interviewed on the radio a flashback is shown.